Misleading behavior of IBPS a recruitment agency

i have appeared for competitive exam conducted by IBPS for the recruitment of clerk for FY 14-15 in 19 public sector banks. Results are declared on 1 april 2014 and my result is as follows Based on your performance in the written examination and interview, you have been considered for the reserve list subject to vacancies for 2014-15. 1) The reserve list has been kept to the extent of 10 percent of the vacancies under each category, subject to the availability of candidates. 2) This does not guarantee allotment to/recruitment by the Participating Organisation(s)/ other financial organisations. In the event of Participating Organisations/ other financial organisations providing vacancies during April 2014-March 2015, provisional allotment will be carried out for the candidates in the reserve list. However if no vacancy is furnished by the Participating Organisations/ other financial organisations during the validity period owing to exigencies or otherwise the candidates under the reserve list will not be considered for allotment. 3) The reserve list will expire automatically on 31.03.2015 without any notice. as IBPS said in point no. 2, allotment will be carried out for the candidates in reserve list if banks will provide vacancies to IBPS, so to confirm whether banks provide vacancies to IBPS i filed RTI as per Right to Information Act 2005 in 2 banks and they confirmed that they have sent vacancies to IBPS. now my question is in case iBPS does not allot vacancies provided by banks to candidates in reserve list on or before 31 march 2015, then can we file and win the case against IBPS. will the court will direct IBPS to allot the candidates after 31 march 2015.