i am a girl and want to get my right in my ancestral property

i am an unmarried 25yrs old girl form a hindu family, my father passed away in 2010 after that my mother have several affairs prior to my dad and after him as well, 1 of then was my brother's friend, my mom used me to keep relation with that guy, she used to promise him that she'll marry me with him, i was not aware of all these things but 1 day i read msgs in my moms phone with that guy which were clearly showing their relationship, after that i opposed all these things which were going around me, i told my relatives and our known ones but nobody supported me. finally one day i left my home in april 2013 and now living separately since than. i want my share in my ancestral property. i am not aware of the exact lactation of the property, what should i do to know where exactly my ancestral property is, and how can i impose stay on that property. my grandfather, my father and now my brother are numberdar of the village from where my father belongs to, someone told me that the patwari of that village has the data by the name of the people residing there, can i legally get the data from that patwari because he has very good relations from my family so he wont give that information to me. and i dont want to get this in my families mind so that they will not dispose off the property or they will not take out any alternative, please help me out