Termination from services

I left GE Capital Hyderabad and joined Tata Consultancy Services Mumbai on 12th September 2012 with a dream to pursue career with so called globally recognized organization. Only after I joined this organization I came to know about the reality. TCS is not what it shows to be, No employee centricity. Tenured employees don’t give a dam for new. People with great nonsense can only survive with TCS. It was my worst decision to quit GE. I sensed there was something fishy against me in TCS and I started asking questions to my immediate reporting manager but I always used to get an answer that I am not fit for the role I was hired for then what the hell they do while hiring me. I reported it to the concerned HR in turn the HR turned against me as he has to save his appraisal too A typical filmy story was made against me by sending out mails to the CEO of the company without my consent from my mailbox when I was not in office. They framed nice stories and terminated me making sure I don’t get any job anywhere in this country. What should I do? I have no hope left. Thanks, Vani Prasad