Mental harrassment by my husband, inlaws

Respected sir/ Madam. I got married on 2013.I have not been treated well by my husband and by my inlaws right from the day one of my marriage.My marriage was an arranged marriage. He and his father demanded the engagement and marriage to happen at his native. My Parents conducted the marriage as per their demands.My Parents has given gold and house hold things like vessels,fridge,washing machine,mixie to lead a peaceful life with him. After providing these many my husband and his parents treated me badly.Me and my parents travelled all the way to his native for the marriage, engagement.Sir/Madam my husband and his parents the way they speak is so harsh. I was working at Chennai before marriage after marriage I left my job as my husband was working at mysore. My Husband parents aren't happy with this decision. Slowly these people started ill treating me. After marriage he said not to do show off wearing thali. Comes late from office by eleven. Asked me to cut my hair,color my hair,straighten it. I have cut my hair as per his wish. But after cutting my hair he sarcastically said that "he has got no attraction towards me".Also said by looking at me he feels pity. And said he will search for a guy at his native for me.Often threatens me saying "this relationship will not proceed further, and he will re-marry another women from his native and takes advantage of the marriage. He also said that that a kid in the relation ship will put him into trap. saying all these he refused to stay with me and he asked me to go back to my native and on october 2013 i came back to my parents place and still am with my staying with my parents only. When ever me and my parents tried to contact him he will either switch off nor attends the call. Now he has changed his mobile of now i dont have a kid and my inlaws are having my gold worth 20 sovereigns with them. Which they are refusing to return it. But they have returned the house hold articles to us keeping my gold with them. on 14.2.2014 I went to to see My husband. My husband hasn't allowed me to enter into home.He asked me why did u come here? And he clearly said that he can't live me. After returning back to my native i lodged a complaint to Vanitha police( women police staion)against him at his native.There we both were called on for the enquiry. There also he boldly said he feels dis interested as he hasn't lived with me before . There in the station they asked me to give a case against him. Immediately after that incident he left india. I have given a complaint under dv act against him and his parents. And the case is going on. He has filed divorce in reply to that. Am attending the both the hearing but the summons sent to him are getting returned as he has left india. and in between his younger brother is threatening my parents over the phone to sign into divorce. Also their parents are saying that my husband will any how survive and they will make him illegally remarried though if i dont agree for the divorce.No i have come to a decision that i would not want to live with him but at the same time if i give him divorce he will happily remarry another women without knowing the value of a women's life.My dad has put his all his life time savings in this marriage.My husband and his parents made it a vain. Me and my family really feel that this guys intension is not to run a family.He and his parents need a servant in the name of wife and daughter-in-law.He should not spoil another womens life in the name of remarriage.Sir/madam wont this have an ever ending solution??? he just escapes from all the hearing. Wont he and is parents be punished legally??