My sisters' son got married six months back..There were problems from the first day. There is no consummation of marriage due to some defect with the girl. The girl wanted the parents to go separately. The girl then gave a false police complaint against the boy and his parents under dowry harassment and domestic violence ,No FIR filed.She gave successive complaints with various authorities Police arranged for counselling .The boy then approached the court for anticipatory bail through an advocate and the court granted anticipatory bail till the completion of the mediation and referred the matter to mediation..3 sittings are over under mediation and fourth one is due this month.The boy does not want to live with her anymore as she is adamant and threatening .and unrepentant.and will not give any assurance that she will behave properly in future.How long the mediation process will go. what will happen to anticipatory bail after completion of submission of mediation report.Can we file divorce papers in the court before the completion of mediation process.The girl so far has not accepted the proposal for mutual divorce.and openly insulted in front of mediators.