House Rent Deposit

I was staying in a rented apartment in Khirki Extn, Malviya Nagar. When i rented the apartment we agreed on 8500 rent and 8500 security deposit so i paid all the amount and also another 1000 for rent agreements and all the required documents. After one months of stay i found a new apartment and i wanted to move to the new apartment so i told thd landlord that i want to move out. She showed dissatisfaction that i didn't stay long but told me that i can move out. I moved out of thr apartment on Nov 1st so i asked for my deposit amount to be returned and she told me that i need to wait. U waited for few days and i askdd for the money again and she told me that they havent found a new tenant yet but there is another tdnant moving in on Dec and i need to wait until december but the electric bill and water bill would be deducted from my deposited money and j agreed to that. Now Decdeber has arrived and I'm trying ti contact her but she is not answering my calls. I sent her message and she replied saying that "ek mahina flat khali raha uski responsibility kiski hai" and now she is denying to return the money. I am not financially strong and I need money. As it was a short stay the rent agreement was never made and I do not have much of proofs to prove that i stayed there except for my phone bill. Some one please help me or advise me what to do.