Gift settlement deed law for muslim indian(hiba)

Hello Sir, My name is sherfudeen in 1983 my parents jointly purchased(property in both name) the land of 3200 sq feet at Salem,Tamil Nadu and constructed the house we are 3 brothers and 2 sisters but for 1 sister (younger) given cash of 5,40000(5 lakhs & forty Thousand ) my father settled & got document registered by registrar in 2008 and my father expired on may,2008 but my mother has given 1600 sq feet as gift settlement deed(hiba) registered in our three brother name on October.2008 as half property owner balance 1600 sq feet in my father name was diveded by three brother,mother,and 1 sister but in January,2011 my mother given her share from father property to my younger brother again as gift settlement deed (hiba) and expired on febuary,2011 as in muslim 2 share is for boy and 1 share for girl which came to 200 sq feet for my sister but she is not accepting the gift settlement deed and to divided in 3200 sq feet, as my sister already complaint in land grabbing department for equal share but i requested to see only in court so sir,please help us to sort out this problem what we 3 brothers take step,thanks