To get my share of grand father's(late) property

I filed a civil case in Kurnool, Andhra pradesh to get my share of property as I am one of the legal heir after the death of my grand father. My grand father has 3 sons and 2 sisters, my father was the elder one and he died in my childhood. When my grandfather died, the two brothers of my father distributed the entire house into 3 parts as expected(no share for the sisters, they were married and not involved or claimed for the property anytim ) but the agriculture land(5 Acres) and residential land(around 800 Sq yards) is shared among themselves as 50% each. They have created some fake document which says that I and my mother agreed for the partition in that way. That document does not contain my signature or name also. All this happened in 1990. After literally fighting couple of times and not able to do anything and my mom was paralyzed so I shifted to Hyderabad to my sisters place for treatment. I even sold the house(my share) in 2002 for treatment in which everyone signed and that doc contains my actual name and sign. I have lot of proofs like 7th class certificate, caste certificate, 10th class TC, driving license, voter card, adhaar card, sale deed of house sold etc to prove my name right from 1980's to till date and prove that document is fake. But for some reason like the opponent lawyer said we not included the female legal heirs llike the daughters or grand daughters in the case so my lawyer done that and sent notices to them and they didn't accepted the notice. Like this cases is just getting delayed and the hearings also not started till now and it is almost 4 years now. Mean while couple of months back I tried to enter into the land with my sisters and there sons expecting it can lead to some panchayat and can have out of the court settlement. But they are violently attacked on us and one person got his hand fractured and head injured which lead to police complaint. They also put counter case on us. Now I am clue less what I need to do, should I just wait for the judgment which can come after several years from now. I cant afford this as the property value for my share is around 40 lakhs and I invested around 5 lakhs till this time for various expenses occurred and even if I won the case my opponents still have the right to go to higher court and enjoy the land till that comes to an end. So can anyone advice the better solution in my case to pressurize the opponents to settle this asap out of the court or something like that. My opponents got the local support also so I am help less now. I will be very greatful for any good advice as I have 2 kids and I am in severe debt and I earn only 6000 a month so it matters for me a lot to get this solved asap.