We 6 students did not get tgrace marks from the hngu university

O.118: Where a candidate in a University examination fails any single head of passing (Where a distinct head, a sub-head or a group-head or a grand total) his failure in that head of passing shall be condoned as follows: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Where the head of passing consists of Maximum marks for condonation ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 less than 100 marks 2 2 100 marks 3 3 more than 100 but not more than 200 marks 4 4 more than 200 marks 2 percent subject to a maximum of 10 marks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A candidate whose failure is condoned under this Ordinance shall be eligible for classes in the same way as other successful candidates, but not for scholarship or other awards. The condonation marks shall not be counted for the purpose of eligibility of a class. Provided that if the standard of passing in the different subject at any examination is 50% or more condonation to the extent mentioned above may be given in not more than two heads of passing each being under a different subject for the purpose of passing or exemption in that subject, and provided further that in the case of the examination under the Faculty of Technology including Engineering, and Faculty of Medicine including Homeopathic. If a candidate fails in not more than two heads of passing condonation in the manner provided for here-in-above shall be permitted.