Dowry case and dv

Dear sir, I got married on may 2014. For 1 month my wife and me lived with my parents at our home town and after that i along with my wife moved to my location where i am working. just in one month, she started getting over possessing me. She always tried to fight me over pitty issues but i ignored this and avoided any hot discussion. she was always in contact with her mother and her friends on phone and completely ignored my presence neither she was interested in any household work, even though i provided servant just we arrived at my location. she fell ill due to viral and i provided her with treatment from a very good hospital. One day she got frustrated and called her father. He came and took her to his home.She took all the jewellery and money from my home. she didn't called me and used to fight with my mother on phone unnecessarily citing that i used to drink a lot.Her relatives also tried to defame me at my home town.she even warned us that she will file police complain. she is not interested to live with me and neither i but her parents want to pressurize my family to bring her back. We fear that she will resort to such attitude again and we will be in trouble. She want a lot of money and settlement from my side. I fear that she will slap a false dowry and DV cases to meet her demand. Her uncle is also a lawyer. what shall i do?