Hindu Guy marriege with Muslim Girl

Respected professionals, Its gr8 to see this site allowing general ppl to take word of advice from some of the experts from the field. I would like to ask a ququestion that, i am a Hindu guy in Mumbai and I am in a relation with a Secular Muslim Girl. We want to get tied up in marriege. Our relation started with marriege discussion itself as we both are not of the thought of carrying a meaningless relationship. Me and my family arr of strong religious views of hinduism. So i expressed my feelings to her that, i love and care her and can do it for rest of my life but as far as marriege is concerned i am of a view that if we walk on same religious path it will be much easier to start, carry and end....we will be able to give something in coordination to our next generation. well, fortunately she believes that any religion can reach god, and since she has not been a strong Islamic follower since childhood, its not a problem for her to accept hinduism and go ahead with me and my religious views and my family too. So we have already worked upon the things which could have made an issue (in general terms) now, me and my partner wants to marry under normal hindu marriage act so what is the right way to go? Thanks