Relationship issues with husband.

I m a 30 aged women.I had an arranged marriage with dis man who was divorced from his first marriage.Initial 2 mnths of marriage were as regular as later the things started to change from his side n also from his family.They used to torture me for dowry.He used to tlk late in d night without my knowledge on the phone to some women...which i found out later when i read a initmate message in his inbox.I ws pregnant with his first child then...and at that period also he or his family did not take any care of me.During the 5th month of my pregnancy i moved to my parents house as it is done in our culture during pregnancy...he did nt even come once to see me in dis period and his behaviour had worsen.When i deliverd my first child she wad born dead...he did not even come to see me or my child at this point also.Later after 2mnths i myself went to my husbands house...he did not allow me to stay at his house n told me to leave.I tried my best to make up bt all in vein.Finally i lodged a 498 dowry case on he is not comin on any dates of court.It has been 8 mnths since i lodged the case.Now i have heard that he has done a 3rd marriage...i also want to move on in my life n want to marry to some one with whom i can be happy colud not as we are not divorced yet...What should i do...i m now helpless...and dont have nybody to guide me as wel...please help and suggest a solution.