cheque bounce case

i am a trader of cotton from bangalore. Avinash introduces him self as a broker of cotton from pune raises bills of 6 lorries worth rs 5100000 on third party name & paid part payments of rs 2900000 from their SB A/cs.The stock was not delivered to the third party they enjoyed stock and made money for own use.After some few we come to know that they have cheated me they issued 4 post dated pune branch bank cheques of rs 1000000.All the cheques were presented in bangalore bank branch bounced in bangalore.Demand Notice was issued to payer(accused) his lawyer was replyed to my lawyer demanding me to return cheque or send cotton of rs 1000000 the cheques were issued for security purpose if not criminal proceedings will be taken aganist me.Accused had also filed a private complaint in court at pune.I had registered private complaint showing all transaction of goods, received amount,cheque details in court it is refered to police fir is filed by police in sec 420,416,468,406,407,466,417 and in other 2 sec. 1.I have registered 2 cheque bounce complaint with reply notice received from accused.NBW was issused aganist accused.Police caught him he falls in road and gets adimitted in hospital then he comes for settelment he pays amount of rs 1000000 he takes receipt from me on 20 rupees bond he has not given me the xerox of that receipt copy.Now he is asking me to take dismissil of case.I asked him to appear in the court get compromise in front of the judge and shall close the case.But now he took bail and taking transfer of the cheque bounce case to Pune and proceeding his private complaint against me.Still case is in bangalore. Kindly advice now i want to close the case of cheque bounce. accused is planning to continue his pc aganist me if i take dismiss of case. he dont want to close in court he has applied to take transfer of case.if case is transfered i have to travel from bangalore to pune for every hearing. how to close the case by not getting troubled? thanking you