Need separation from husband

Hi, my marriage took in jan,12. Since after the marriage my husband and his family started mental and physical tortures towards me. My husband started character assassination, my Father in law started misbehaving with me..can say a kind of harrassment..i complained about it with my husband but he ignored.. My mother in law used to give me lots of household work pressure even when i was pregnant...father in law used to abuses family whole time...i get many complications during my pregnancy so i cane back to my mother for a safe delivery...after giving birth to baby boy i returned back to my inlaws with a certain pre decided statements like separation of kitchen... They agreed but still same abusive language came from my father in law on daily basis. My husband never took a stand from starting..I discussed many times about my safety issues as he comes late in the night after job...but he ignored staying that he cant handle a rguments with his father...i decided to come at my mothers place again n decided to leave husband used to say lie everytime..dowry demands..i was very much stressed.. He never took his child which is a boy...can say he didnt bother for me n baby..after living 6 mnths separate i decided to give him chance and told him to stay on rent with me..after making a lot of try he agreed...and we shifted nearby by mom's place...but again he lie...he does act like insane sometimes...i m fed i cant stretch this marriage...i want permanent separation but question is that i havnt done any police complaint against his family n he is not ready for divorce even...wat do i can i geta separation... Pls g Help n advice accordingly..