case of cheating

sir, I have received help through the indian consulate before and am very thankful. again I would like to ask help of the indian consulate regarding the following matter. I work as a supervisor in abudhabi at a clothing firm. in 2011 I wanted to purchase an apartment in Mumbai and I gave cheques to ms jaya bangera.. total amount was given to her by 2014 ,16 lacs rupees..upon completion of the amount I asked if I can have the possession letter...of the apartment to which she agreed .on the day of the agreed day she arrived with the accomplice at a restaurant who posed as the builders son... later I understood that she lied and I also have picture of both of them to prove it. during meeting it was revealed that the apartment was sold and that I would not be able to live in it if I wanted my money back at today 2014 rate she would provide (29 lacs)...with much regret I agreed to the settlement... and she sent me cheques. but everytime I would deposit them they bounced I informed her and she agreed to give me the cash... after much calling her back and forth she agreed to give me cash in I went to her house in Mumbai.when I arrived at her home her whole family was present . she threatened me and told me to forget the money and that she had political help through shiv sena and that I couldn't do anything about and to go back.i was very afraid and I returned back to abudhabi. my father expired during this time in india due to this problem and I have younger sister back home.i am worried about. I have the proof that I gave the cheques of 17 lacs to her via my icici bank. I also have the cheques from her that bounced. I have pictures to proof of the meeting in india. I have tickets to prove that I was in india for month and 10 days.