Land Ownership - Son and Daughter

Hi, Facts of the matter: My mother has 4 sisters (including herself) and 1 brother. My grandparents had 10 acres of cultivable land in Andhra Pradesh (received through hereditary from great grand parents from my grandfathers' side) Land ownership is in two parts: 8 acres in the name of grandfather 2 acres in the name of grandmother. Grandmother was a widow and has taken care of the land for a long time till she passed away. After her, the son was responsible for maintenance and has received money from land lease for cultivation purpose. There is no "will" from grandparents to daughters / son. Son has passed away and is survived by wife and two daughters. My questions are: Who is the legal owner of the land? As per the law, Does the ownership of fathers land lead to son's ownership? And Ownership of mother lead to daughters? Can Son sell the land (10 acres) without involving sisters? Can daughters' sell the land (2 acres) without involving brother? Let me know if you need any further information Regards Praveen.