Purchasing unsold flat in the Co-operative society

Type your question here. Do not use ALL CAPS. Hi, I am negotiating for a 2 BHK flat (vacant since possesion) from the builder for the society which was formed 4 years ago. There are some legal disputes ongoing between builder and society. I have approacehd society members as well as builder for the clarification. However i am not sure who is correcdt. In this regards, i have following questions: 1) Non Occupancy Charges The society is asking builder to pay for Non Occupancy Charges for the flat which is vacant for last 4 years after society formation. When we asked this Q to builder, he rubisshes the same. As such builder is not charging me any amount under this head. Am I at a later date, liable to pay any charges if the ruling is in the favour of society. 2) Parking Space The society is asking NOC from the builder for allotment of parking space, however builder is providing us open parking space. If we want stilt/podium parking, builder is asking us to pay 2-3 lacs more. Is the claim by builder is justified. Am i entitle for stilt/podium parking by default. Am I at a later date, liable for any arrears if the ruling is in the favour of society. 3) Any other charges Which all charges and payments i should check that builder has already paid.