My wife threatens to call police and file false FIR/she go court

It's going to be 11 months since we married (Marriage date 26/11/2013), it is my second marriage met girl through matrimony website & married but my parents & my sisters not come to marriage bcoz their against this marriage & also we had some internal property issue. My wife is not earning, she is home maker. But she couldn't adjust after marriage. Meanwhile my daughter born on 25/08/2014, she wants to leave like before marriage. She takes everything in a very negative way and at the same time she is very short tempered, as a result there lots of fight happens between us. She always talks about divorce, she wanted my house as a maintenance, always she mentioned she will teach me lesson in court, she is not behaving with me normal, always she talk about my fast life & taunting me lot, she avoiding me to contact or see my baby & not staying with me. She left home without informing 22/10/2014 month ago when I was in office, for this witness our home servant maid. Today’s law favors women, what should I do to remain safe?