Case was registered on my name by oppostion party. and I was in jc for 2.5 month. The case is that I have taken 6 lakh rupees from my uncles friend for a private investment plan which I assured 10 percent return monthly . I gave post dated cheques and agreement personally signed for guarantee of the amount. My father is working in defence. I have registered a company firm in which myself and my mother are partners. I was the signing authority n my mom was sleeping partner . I had given only agreement. But now in that agreement a government fake seal is embersed. Opposition party had put case on me stating that I had put the seal and my f mile Is involved in it . Police arrested me n I was in jc for 2.5 months. My dad came a settlement agreement for 7.5 laks. All the amount has been settled. I settled the amount and after that I dint appear in court for past 2 years ,as I thought the problem is ended. But now my dad and mom had got nbw. As my dad had gone to attend official work he is out of station . My mom had went to her friends house. When the police came to arrest my parents. Now I am in dillema what I have to do . My parents are in very tensed mood. Please kindly advice. We contacted our lawyer he is not giving proper guidance . We don't have local surety. As we are from south India . Case is in Delhi dwaraka court. Kindly leave your contact number so that I will contact you according to the advice. Thanking you Regards.