Want to quit live in relationship

Hi sir, This is to get some advice on what to do on the following situation . From past 5 years a person is in live in relationship with lady. The lady has an husband who has become mad. Being this the reason the lady has created sympathy and got in to relationship with this person. The husband is alive and as of now his condition is unknown. The lady had got a 8 yrs girl with his first husband or the only husband as I can say. The person who got in to the relationship has also is the reason for getting another child for the same lady who is more than 3 yrs old now. Under this conditions this person has got head injury which is making him to behave as amad person, but he is able to say to Take him away from those set of people saying they would do something to him if he goes there again. He is able to te that he does not want both the lady and the kid, this lady has got a big gang of people whom She says the family . Though they donot look like family. Though the actual reason for the head injury is unknown the person himself days it's due to the fall from bike under liquor influence. The parents of the person are not able to do anything as the lady continuously frightens them saying she has got people who will not allow the person to be taken away from the govt hospital where he is now being treated. Under this situation parents either want their son to be discharged and moved to a better hospital for treatment or to take him home from there after the discharge . But don't know what to do as the lady is planning to take the guy and if not to home along. Though the parents doubt that the gang might have assaulted him there is no proof as the person himself is very frightened and has been worried about the fily and was quite all these years . Please tell me whether is there anything which can be done here.