what shoud i do

my mother had filled application under dv act 2005, my father was having three brother ( 2 cousin ) named dilip, nitin, and pravin all four brother living in joint family now also my father has no business he was reliving and looking business of other three brothers after that one by one all brother seprate theri houses but still business was joint only. (no proprty division take place ) and as earning source my father was looking of one business that is patel mangal karyalay. after the death of my father on march 2010. in meeting with relatives pravin accept to pay 15000 per month to my mother ( admited in cross in court ) and take over the possesion. then he pays that for 1 month and ignor to pay amount due to reason of that my mother gave power of attorny in name of dilip ( i was taken by dilip wrong by doning cheating and now it is cancelled ). now they are not paying money and not doing partition of property. so we are deprived from economical source of joint family and on this we had filled case under dv act under economical abuse. in trail court gadchiroli. the trial court has passed order of restoring possesion of patel mangal karyalay. not pravin nitin and dilip has filled apleal to district session court , now judge is saying that how is she economically abused i need your help urgently.