harrsement by husband i dont want to leave my husband at any cost

hi, i my self usha. I wass married 3 years ago now i am having baby girl chid age of 2 year.. my husband always scolds me unnesserly with out a prorper reason..... he always try to send me to the my parents house..i dont know why... and there parents also support them,, Me and My husband stays in banglore ... He says you wanted to do job. i said ok..... my father asked people arraged a job for me.. next day he says you sholud not go for a job... he wont stand on a single word.. and i given birth to a girl chid that was also a issue after my delivery.. and then my hubby always listens to there parents words and scolds me.. how munch he soclds also i will be calm...... for rising my temper he scolds my dad and mother and my bother .... if i scolds in the reverse he says i will give divorce and dont want this type of behaviour .. he only starts the issue and he only says i will give divorce.. he will call my mother to bagnglore for helping ur daughter after my mother came he starts fights with me.... and scolds my parents directly ... always creat this type of issues and blackmailing me that i wont give divorce i will make u to give divorce.... i want my hubby at any cost.. and he also needs money my parents gave whenever he wants money but also he says when ur parents gave money for me.... like that.. he and his parents are trying to give divorce for me and then they are planning to marry ... i dont want another girl to spoil her life by marring him.. and my mother in law and father inlaw and my hubby and sister in law are creating head ace for me.. if i want to change my hubby what i want to do.. IN one word i want to say HE IS SADIST AND BEHAVES LIKE MULTIPLE PERSONALITY. some time he will talk as if he has soooo munch of love and next second he will quarrlel with mee please suggest me .. if my hubby says next time i will give divorce what i want to say....... thanx in the advance..