no originals of JDA and General Power of attorney with builder

Sir, I have booked a flat with a reputed builder by paying 20% upfront cost and went ahead for SBI home loan. home loan got rejected stating that the JDA and POA originals are not with the builder as its with the income tax department (builders docs has been taken away during a income tax raid). A case is going on with builder and IT department. HDFC is saying they can give the loan. we are sort of confused why SBI is rejecting a loan and HDFC and AXIS is giving. what is the importance of the originals of these documents? apartment has 20 flats in total and 12 allotted for the earlier owners and remaining 8 for the builder to sell. the builder has sold 7 of the flats with HDFC and SBI loans and got the same registered too with out these originals. The problem arouse when we applied for SBI loan and the particular lawyer who checked this rejected the loan as it cannot be given for this property stating JDA and POA originals are not shown. we do not know whether to go with other Bank loans whether there is a legal problem in buying this property. also we are finding its extremely difficult to get money back (20% advance) payed by us to the builder. please explain.