marriage related dowry

I m a doctor was engaged to a boy who is also a doctor.we both were loving each other, so we convinced our parents for marriage .My fiance and his parents started dominating us post engagement for everything by stating all the time that they are boy's parents and the boy also misbehaved to me on phone by abusing me everytime. In a state of mental torture, i once threatened him for suicide ,for which thing his parents blamed me for being mentally abnormal .we broke our relationship ,but the boy again convinced me and both families.Even after reconcillation, he and his family was the same .One month prior to marriage , when almost preparations were done , they asked for car , furniture in marriage in terms of gifts .My parents refused for dowry ,they again and again said these are gifts for our educated boy .My parents are well educated and i m also a doctor ...we cancelled the marriage .Now, we are asking our money back which we gave to them during engagement , they broke all contacts .I want to get back all the things back and to file the complaint for dowry , mental torture,but my parents are worried for me as i m a girl , may get defamed .I m now nervous and mentally depressed ,What to do ???