Case on cyber law

Hello sir/madam There is a person who live in balrampur u.p., he has lodged a FIR against me on the basis of some fb post and he also filed a complaint in a lower court under section 500,501,505 against me. The point is that above mentioned post hasn't been recovered by crime branch yet and investigation officer filed a closure report on that but that complaint case is still pending in court. He plotted two witness against me in court among which one of them is not coming for statement that is why the case is pending. I want to know as the base of this case is fb post which has been marked as "unrecoverable" by crime branch in his report and the complainant has accused me as a criminal minded person having a criminal record which is totally fake , so what can I do to in this case to get relief and justifiable compensation for my mental torture . I am a research scholar at JNU and also selected as assistant commandant through upsc. Kindly help me , as this person threatened my father to give 15lakhs as compensation other wise he would destroy my career . ,