Family dispute

I& my ex-life partner parted away 5 years back after 14 years of married life since I come to know her extra marital affairs. Initially I tried to take custody of my two daughters through peaceful settlement but failed. So, I filed divorce in Tamil nadu and case is in pending. She has filed 498a & partition suit against me in retaliation which is also in the court. I am working far away from my native in Tamil nadu and bought a house (in my name) in my native just before this dispute started i.e in 2009. Now taking advantage of my absence, she has taken possession of the house with the help of local goon and given the custody of the house to that goon himself for his assumed support locally. Goon has converted part of the house into a textile showroom and rented it to another business man. I tried to take the possession of the houise even through the police but not succeeded as it is eventually ended as civil dispute. In this situation, I started a charitable trust for under previleged children recently and trying to run with my earnings. As because the above said property is not useful either to me or my daughters, I am thinking of tranfering that property to trust name. In this case, can I recover the property immediately? What are the ways for it? Also like to have guidance for resolving the personal pending legal issues.