Criminal case against wife&in-laws for theft,cheating,adultery

I was married 5 months earlier.My was never comfortable with me or my family till date and use to complain regularly to their parents that me and my family are harassing her. Last month both the families had a meeting regarding her attitude and sorted out the things. Suddenly one day she strongly insisted that she wants to leave for her hometown as her sister was upset of some personal reasons and she wants to see her. I booked a flight ticket for her and left for the office. I got suspicious over her actions and left my laptop on with the screen recording running in background before leaving for the office. The recording showed me some shocking facts. It was a long 12 hrs recording and in that She had conversation with her boyfriend,parents and sister in that recording and I brief out my findings. 1.She had an affair with her college mate from past 4yrs. 2.She married him secretly and her parents found that and separated them and got her married with me. 3.She is still continuing her affair with him even after marriage. 4.She is provoking suicide to her sister(her marriage was cancelled suddenly) such that my wife can become the sole owner of her parents property. 5.She has theft some money from home and also taken away the jewelry to give it to her boyfriend. 6.her boyfriend is already a married guy and have children too. 7.She is planning to file a fake 498 case against me and my family to get divorce and enjoy with her boyfriend. I know that with these evidences in my hand I can surely get divorce and get rid of her,but I want to file a criminal case against my wife and in-laws and get them arrested immediately. So please guide me the possibilities for criminal case and the possible sections. Your answers are valuable and I would be very thankful for one and all.