occupying our front parking

Gud evening sir/madam. Am a student pursuing my masters. i live with my parents and A family lives to the left side of a home which is opposite to ours , this family has given rent to a tenant who own a car. Both their houses are near by and the front side is left for car parking. though they have car parking space to fit a lorry inside , the tenants (only tenants own a car). park the car right in front of my home occupying my personal space and causing obstruction in front of my home gate. (their home and mine in no way are opposite to each other. upon on that they park thier car on our side of road very close to my house). they dint have the courtesy to ask us before parking in front of our house. Recently a pup died under their car and they dint bother to notify us or clean the place, we had to do it ourselves. this has led my mother to a great depression as she is a pet lover. We requested them kindly to move their car away. but again they started keeping the car in front of our house. I want to know if their could be any way legally to issue them some kind of notice so they dont park right infront of my home and create inconvenience and if they repeated to pay fine of some huge amount (not for personal gain but just to make them cautious of not doing the mistake again). ps : we live in a rented house and the owner stays away in someother place. We dont want to bother the owner as he is a very nice person by heart. thank you for your reply.