Hello, Myself Ravi Raj, I am a Hindu guy and I am from Hyderabad. Last year I got married (May 2013) and since 1 year my wife and myself both are staying separately and she was attempted for suicide also but that time I was not in home but was in my work location. And police case was done (Police came and talked with my wife and discussed with me and they went) and after some days police called me said that he need closing complaint from (I wrote closing complaint and gave to police to person-Reason was- not well so, etc) medical report also said she was conscious when investigated by doctor (In doctor report). She is so modern girl and wants to enjoy only, if I have money or don’t she will not see those. I didn’t beat her and I do not have drinking habit. And still today she didn’t approach for the divorce. She was with me for 4 months (No sexual, dowry, harassment nothing). She is holding bachelors degree and she worked previously and can now work also. Do I need to pay maintenance per month, if yes then how much?. Suppose if she get job or got married then also I need to pay maintenance?. And what about the suicide case?. (I can produce a doctor report). My details are as follows: We do not have child. My salary is: 60,000/Month Work: Sales person Property on my name: None I wanted to know how to fight in this case. I am very upset. Please help me out.