Packers and Movers, Damaged and missing items.

I had hired Agarwal Express Logistics Pvt. Ltd. for my luggage transfer from Noida to Bangalore, for this their Marketing person assured me of best service and utmost care in transferring my luggage. I paid them Rs 51,973/- additional tips of Rs 600/- in Noida and 500/- in Bangalore which their labors demanded. In-spite of their assurance many of my equipment were damaged and 4 of the items are still missing. Biggest apathy is their response. My washing machine's wheels are broken due to sheer mishandling and when i tried to run it, it doesn't work properly. When i reported this to Agarwal Express, they have completely shrugged all responsibility towards it. They now claim that i have broken my less than two years old machine and now asking them for claim. Do i really deserve this kind of treatment even after paying them to the tune of Rs 50,000. This in spite of them having charged me with Rs 5169/- as insurance charge and now they are not ready to cover. I have written them multiple mails (attached with this complaint). The last i spoke to them was 13th November 2014 at 3:55pm, where Mr. Shubham shockingly told me to do what i can and he will do his way. They are not ready to compensate for the damage they caused to my luggage, inspite of having charged the insurance amount. The equipment damaged: 1) Refrigerator, one front stand damaged. 2) Washing machine, wheels damaged. Machine not working properly. 3) Dining chair, rexine for two chairs torn. 4) Computer table, top wooden plank broken. 5) Study table, one stand broken.. 6) TV stand, one front wheel broken. The items missing: 1) Computer chair 2) Bean bag. 3) Electric Geyser In fact there are multiple items that i have received are broken and rendered useless, but compensation on major damages should at least be covered. I would like to press charges against them in consumer forum if they do not resolve my issue.