No salary paid for 2 months & 12 days.Abruptly fired from the job

Dear sir, 24th May, 2014, I joined a very small company to head the internal HR activities & also initiate recruitment & placements business. Owner (from an acquaintance) verbally decided to pay a fix monthly salary & 40% profit sharing. But made me develop another business in the month of June. July 2 crucial staff went absconding. Hence the director needed me to run around & resettle the business processes. The placements business practically started in the month of August 2014. Initially, I was paid regularly till August 2014. But wasn't paid for Sept/Oct 14. I was given reasons of financial crunch while rest of the staff was paid. On Nov 12th my email ID was deleted without any prior intimation. I wasn't told till the last moment. Evening of 12th Nov, I was told, "you are fired". I am astonished to hear that. There was no discussion about my performance, neither my performance was bad. I had started getting business. No reason whatsoever given for my termination till date. The owner is ignoring my phone calls, my emails, and cannot come face to face. I am writing emails everyday as a reminder. But there is no response. It clearly means that the owner doesn't want to pay me. This has been the trait I have observed so far. How do I fight for my right? Please guide me.