Criminal procedure against my brother in law and my sister by MNC

Dear Concern , This is to inform you that my family is going through in a deep trouble from last couple of months and we would desperately would like to sort out the situation. My brother in law was working in a renowned FMCG company from last 11 years and everything was going quite good. In the year of 2012 there was a business opportunity in the same company and my sister signed in a agreement to carry out the business in a remote location along with other two partners. The partnership was signed as an agreement in a stamp paper. She had a share of 35% in the business. She invested whatever she accumulated in her life but she had no control of business as other partner’s husband was driving the business. Only she signed the agreement and signed cheques of her business. Last year(2013) one of the partner sold out the stock of the company(without intimating to the company) and did not pay back anything to the company(Amount suppose to be around INR 10,00,000.00).Now the company desperately want to take revenge against my brother in law and against my sister and they are trying to lodge a case of around 30,00,000.00 INR against my brother in law and against my sister for which they are mentioning that my brother in law was also involved in this case and from other distributors he had taken bribe(false allegation) and the amount is very much big. My brother in law left the company already without getting his benefits like salary for couple of months, LTA, gratuity etc and when my brother in law is joining in a new company the MD of the previous company calls to the director of the new company and requesting him to kick off my brother in law. Also previous company MD there tended my brother in law that he will ensure that my brother in law will not able to work in any company and he will circulate this information wherever he will join. Actually my brother in law is a very good sales person and that company is fear about their business loss if my brother in law works in a same FMCG product company. My sister is ready to pay 35 % amount of loss which occurred by another partner but till date the company had not issued any letter in her address mentioned in the agreement. Subsequently we have come to know that company also taking legal action against my sister and brother in law in various sections of IPC like : 403,408,420,467,468,352,506,477,120B. Please suggest how to come out from this situation. My sister has a son and he is reading in class XI.Our mental condition is very depressed with our current situation. Regards, Mithu