D v act

Marriage was solemnized on 2006. Petitioner husband left his wife on matrimonial home and leaved Hong kong for his job with in 45 days. The very next day petitioner had left her matrimonial home. Thereafter the wife never turned up for her marital life. wife gave birth to baby boy on 2006. Husband and wife separated for more than SIX YEARS. father in law has paid monthly maintenance Rs 6000/- from 2007 to 2012 of his daughter in law and grand son. husband made several request but resulted in futile. husband has filed petition for divorce in the grounds of Disserrtion, immediately after a week, wife has filed RESTITUTION OF CONJUGAL RIGHTS. after a month she filed case in DV Act on 2012 against FATHER IN LAW & MOTHER IN LAW. Now the court in the process of middle on the cross examination of witnesses. in the middle of cross examination, the wife has now filed implead petiton to stating that to include husband as party in this case. as implead petition may allow by judicial magistrate now ! what is the procedure and what is the defense to take by husband ! what kind of the process that the husband take initiate to stop to enter in Domestic Violence act !