Whether B kharab land can be registered or not to any individual

Hello Sir, Sub:Encroachment of Govt. Kharab land A portion of the layout formed in Sy. No.X of Bengaluru , which has approximately 30 sites in number has an approach road formed in Sy. No. Y of Bengaluru ,which is a Govt. Kharab Land as per the available survey records. It is pertinent to manifest here that the Housing Co-operative Society, while forming the residential layout during the early 1993 had formed a 38 feet wide road on the western side abutting to main road which is being served as the one and only approach road to the housing society s sites. The Road has underground drainage system, water supply pipeline, electrical power poles on the edges and storm water drain etc., clearly indicating the existence of the road for the past two decades or more. While things stood thus, during the second week of October 2014, a person who identified himself as XYZ, along with his henchmen, agents brought heavy surface planing machineries and started clearing/planning of land either side the road and started installing steel poles in order to erect a metal fence to the entire extent of an area measuring approximately 25 Guntas, which incidentally falls in the portion of the Govt. Kharab Land, measuring approximately 5 Acres and 08 Guntas in Sy. No.Y Village. The site owners do not have any other approach road to the entire layout which consists of approximately 30 sites, which is the only means of ingress and egress to the entire layout. The fencing of road would completely block the only means of approach which in turn would cause much hardship, inconvenienceand mental agony to the site owners. How can we goahead with this issue request you to kindly help advise us accordingly