Dowry Harassment

Hi Sir, I got Married Feb19th 2014, My Parents gave the demand of What my Husband Family raised. 2 lakhs cash deposited on my Name as Fixed Deposit and I have kept my Jewels in Bank Locker under my Account. After Marriage My Mother -in-law started to press my husband by telling him to ask for the 2 lakhs cash. He was in a state of how to ask directly so he used this way like 1) Haven't given me a single penny for my expense 2) Not Recharging my Phone 3) Not recharging my Data card as i work online . I got Conceived on March and he is not Happy enough to spend even a check up fees for the doctor each month and started fighting. I saw all this and i used my money and underwent all my expense. Till now out of my 10 month marriage life he haven't bought anything for me from his money. Later during my 7th Month he started to ask the 2 lakhs cash and the amount which i earn also my jewels by saying it is him who conducted marriage for me and because of me he underwent all expenses so i have to pay all to him. He started to pester me each day without allowing me to sleep not even considering that am pregnant and he verbally abused me and my family. He took the jewels that they gave to me during my engagement. The entire family says like they saw a girl who is graduated + earning in order to repay the loans they bought. Everyday he was asking for my cash and jewels and at last i walked out of my husbands home due to the mental torture at my 8th month as i was pregnant. Many of my relatives and their relatives went for a discussion about this and they are very firm with their statement like they need the cash and jewels from me. Since my husband and his mother were giving me mentally torture , verbal abusement i walked out a day with my mother & father. Please let me know how to handle this. Now am nearing my delivery may be in a week or two. They have told to one of my relative like they will not even come to see the child and my mother in law said like let I be in my home for years. It seems like they doesn't need either me or my kid. Please suggest some solutions to handle this . Thanks,