Not getting hearing at indore High court for dowry suicide case

Hi, This is regarding my mother in law for the suicide case of her daughter in law(my mom in law's real sister is actually the real mother in law). my mother in law(mausi saas) and her sister(saas) and her son(husband) is made accused in case of suicide. We have all the evidence that proves we were not the cause of her suicide and real saas got the bail but my mother is law is not able to get the hearing time of these "so busy" judges. Everytime she gets the date,it is shifted to later date because judge saab had to go for inaugration some or the other bullshit reasons. Moreover her number of hearing also increases dramatically from 25 to 150+ everytime. Not sure what is the "secretive system" being used to allot these numbers. This has been going for more than 3 months and she is inside without no reason that too at this fragile age. To be frank i do not know where to complain as there seems to be no door for these bullshit "honourable" judges of high court who leaves office by 4pm no matter what. They are not answerable to people but here to rule. Is there any way to avoid the delay in hearing...please advise.