Divorce case

I am 31 years old a mother of 1.5 years old baby. I am staying with my parents from last 1.5 years with my parents . Reason of this is my husband has quarreled with me and forced me to leave the house when my daughter was only 15 days old . Then he locked the jointly owned flat which we both own without informing to me and went to USA . From then he has stopped replying to my emails , phones and not talking to me at all. After few months he came to India and tried to convince me to give mutual divorce for which I denied . In last week he filed a divorce case against me and in that notice he had written all false story . I got deeply hurt by his behavior . Initially I was not ready for divorce but now I think that there is no point in taking such relationship ahead as he is not at all interested So now I want all my and my baby's rights like good compensation , shelter and other all benifits I have following queries .. 1. What should be my move now to get good compensation , shelter and other all benefits from my husband ? 2. I also want to file DV case against him as he has given lots of mental and physical torcher to me . Can I file DV case after receiving divorce notice from him? 3. If I file DV case , will court ask me why are you late [not filed DV case in last one year] in filing it? Will my DV case become weak as I filed it after receiving divorce notice? I was about to file DV case but I was searching for good lawyer and in mean time my husband filed divorce case with all false allegations!! 4. As I also want a divorce now , If I say yes for divorce in counselling and further in court will that affect my compensation and other benefits? What should be my answer to this in court? 5. What all benefits will I get after divorce ? Will I get more benefits as my husband filed divorce first ? 6. My lawyer says that we will file DV case after a counselling session completed in court . What is right time in filing DV case now or after counselling which is on 10 Dec 2014. 7. I have jointly owned flat . Me and my husband are owner of it . How much % of flat will Me and my baby get considering the fact that he has two more flats on his own name? Can I get complete flat as a shelter after divorce ? 8. Can I get all my streedhan after DV or divorce ?