Abduction of document by unauthorized person and possible misuses

Hello, My name is Sweta chaturvedi. My uncle has done something which could be harmful to me as far as my employment and social life is concerned. I was supposed to receive my pharmacist registration from pharmacy council of uttar pradesh. but the registered post was delivered by the postman to my uncle who has malicious intention to harm us for several years. My father and he is having cases in court on property. My question is about - 1). The misuse of registration- if he (my uncle) has misused the registration, how can i safe guard my self from legal consequences of the same. 2). The registration is key to employment- As he has kept the license for almost 4 months and I have to join industry other than my specialization and it should be noticed that he denied of having such document for four months when asked. 3). I want him to be punished severely by the law of land for what he did to ruin my professional and social life. what should be the way to make it happen? Kindly help! other information- Pharmacy council of India (UP office) sent the aforesaid post on 25th june and had been delivered on 27th june to unauthorized person(my uncle).