mental harrasment by mother in law

Hi.. i got married one year back and mother in law is very greedy. initialy she forced me to give my salary to her.. but i refused. Because my husband giving his complete salary to his mother only. till date he did not revealed his salary and I have to earn myself and lead my life. Even for anything even for milk also i have to bring it myself . even i have to pay rent and, electricity bill for myself, as we are living in a rented house, they are taking share of mine seperately and with my husband separately. I am doing whole household work and i am working also but no one is supporting me ..even my husband always obeys or follows his mother only. Even he cannot say right to correct thing.he always says mom is right.. my husband do not like my maternal family much, because due to their support only i finally refused to give my salary to them. my sister is law is living with us from last 10 months, her divorce case is also filled by herself. Everytime for any small things my mother in law always finds a reason to fight with me.. her voice pitch is too high.. and she is completed manner less. I never responded back to her during the fight or argument because they keep their phn on for recording. i dont want to go for divorce. Please advice