Property Case

Dear Sir, I am a grandson & my grandfather case in going on in Honable High Court Bombay. My Grandfather had 5 sons, from which 4 were on behalf of the Developer's side. The case is regarding property. Two years back, the developer had filed a Writ Petition on my grandfather in the Honable High Court Bombay for demolishing the house. The matter is that, the builder has taken the property for redevelopment. The had prepared list of tenant, where my grandfather's name was not in the list & he refused to do the agreement with the builder for which the builder directly went to the honable high court & filed a writ petition against my grandfather. As my grandfather was 85 yrs aged, he couldn't come to the High Court so he gave a special judicial power of attorney to my father. This year my grandfather expired in March 2014. So we served the developer an affidavit stating that my grandfather deceased & we are the legal heirs. Now all my 4 uncles are on the developers side & my dad is alone wants justice for my grandfather that why was he mentally & financially harassed. We had got an order on your behalf stating the petitioner that No ad-interim order. Now all my other uncles on the developers side. Please guide my what can I do with other proceedings & what will be the conclusion to his case. Please guide us Sir. Thanks & Regards.