Both wife ,husband NRI stays and works in US married as per HMA

Both wife and husband NRI US ,married as per HMA .The boy servied divorce summon to wife with in 6 six months ,he has been harassaing her from 3rd month onwards of their marriage.They got married in 2014 dec. 7th .He complained his parents in india that he is not interested in this marriage ,and want to remain as sanyasi.Boys parents went US onthe pretext to solve the issues,but returned back to india after serving divorce summons to their daughter inlaw by sherrif t it is also learnt by wife that her husband is having relationship with a white lady who always accampanies with him for trekking .The boy never talked to girls parents regarding these issues and never replied to girls parents e.mail for reasons for divorce Boys parents after coming from US told to girls parents that their son is not listening to them and that they are advice what can be done from india ,how should we proceed with this case .No police complaint is given in her husband already applied for divorce,wife has responded to summon with the help of atorny ,he says that the marriage period is short ,she cannot clame for advice how to proceed