Interpretation of Quash (of Sec 498a) under Sec 482

Dear Sir my wife filed case of 498a against me & my parents last year. After challan copy get filed in Court by police , i appeared before high court and took stay on trial and prosecution. I also applied for quash under Sec 482. The High Court quashed the case on Ground : 1. No mention of date , time , Place of incident in FIR 2. No specific allegations levelled against the person in FIR As i have filed RCR petition prior to her filing 498a against me. Court also said that FIR registered against me and my parents under 498a are just a counter blast of my RCR petition. My question is that: 1. Can i File for divorce on ground of cruelty.Though session court deny my plea to initiate Divorce case and ordered us to live together. 2. Is it a fit case to call cruelty by wife. 3. When i filed RCR , my wife was living with me in my house. Though she was working and comes only on weekends. I want her to quit her job and she deny, cosequently i filed RCR against her hiding this fact from her and later i ousted her from house once my RCR come in motion. 4. She has proof of this incident that she was staying with me, also she have audio proof that i forced her to leave my house. But she intentionally have not produce those proof before court in 498a proeedings before Police , In FIR , & High Court. 5. Can she use these proofs against me as now her 498a proceedings has been quashed by High Court. Can she file case under Sec 420 & 406 against me on basis of those audio and documentary proofs. Please guide me i am in great need of advice from you. Thanks