Divorce - Spouse In Saudi

Hi, Im Dinesh, 30 yrs old. I got married on Jan 03, 2014 at Vellore, Tamilnadu.It was arranged and we are both Christians. My wife works in Saudi as a nurse for the past 3 and half years. She works on contract basis and her leaves are governed by the hospital. It was during one such leave we got married and she left back on Jan 21,2014. She again came on June 07 and left on July 21. We started to have a lot of misunderstandings after that based on her conduct and indecent behaviour with other men . We had more arguments over the phone. On Sep 15 she had sent a me a mail bluntly stating that she wanted to quit the marriage. I didn’t want us to separate but I ended up receiving a legal notice from her lawyer and the power of attorney given to her dad. It was mainly full of false allegations of me bing a drunkard and abusive. They also stated they wanted a mutual consent. I found a lawyer and sent a counter notice denying all the allegations and also wanted divorce because I didnt want to live with an immoral woman anyway. Now her lawyer came back to us saying her parents wanted to exchange goods and jewels without her absence and wanted us to file for divorce if it was urgent and also told they did not know when she would come back from Saudi. I told my lawyer to reply to their lawyer that any further step would take place once she returns back to India and exchange the goods and file for the mutual divorce the very next day. The problem is I don’t know when she will come. Is there any legal way to make an expatriate spouse to return to the country(India) immediately to finish the legal activities? I know her hosptital mail address. I want to finish this soon. I know after 6 months she has to come again after the first hearing. But she and her parents just want to get the jewels and want to elongate this process so I may not remarry as well. They arent bothered about their daughter because they are just using her for her money. Please help. I can ask this to my lwayer as well but I need a lot more opinions on this subject. I really appreciate your help. Thanks. Dinesh J