Electricity Bill Payment after expiry of lease

My lease agreement with my previous landlord ended on September, 2014. The handover of the apartment was completed on 29th September, 2014 and he returned my security deposit after subtracting mutually agreed upon fines. The electricity bills are prepaid, but now he says that I have to pay for the bill of October, November and December, which is actually for the consumption of electricity in the months of July, August and September. I stayed at the apartment for 22 months under two consecutive 11 month lease agreements, and I have paid electricity bills for 22 months, the receipts and bills of which are with him, handed over by me at the time of hand over of the apartment. The lease agreement stated that for the period of the lease, I had to pay the bills, and nowhere it said that I have to pay for it after the lease expires and premises have had been vacated, even if they were bills of my consumption. My understanding is if the bills of the next 3 months are actually for the last 3 months, then by that logic the first 3 months' bills were of the previous 3 months, which I did not consume and yet paid for. Do I have any legal obligation to pay the bills after our lease has expired and premises have been vacated?