I got married 2years back in Dehradun. My wife stayed with me for 4 months in Bangalore and 2 months with my parents in Bhopal . Rest of the time she was in college in lucknow or at her parents house in Dehradun. Her parents shifted from Dehradun to Bangalore for job 7 months back. For delivery she went to her parents house, 6 months back, in Bangalore. Now my wife refuses to come back to my house saying that she was maltreated by parents when she stayed with them in Bhopal during pregnancy and that I have caused harassment to her by not meeting her expenses for last 6 months when she was staying with her parents. She is threatening to file a case under 498 A for mental harassment and DV which is actually untrue. Please let me know whether 1. FIR can be registered by her in Bangalore. 2. Whether I will come to know before this FIR is accepted/ registered. 3. What type of evidence will be required to be given by my wife. Whether police will accept her complaint without any substantive evidence. Please advice.