divorcee case

SIR/MADAM I am residing in delhi as a rent.I met with a lady already having marriage.She was not treated good by her husband.She told me that within three months of her marriage,her husband used to fight with her.Her husband tortured her in a drunken state.She is not satisfied with it and has filed a divorce in the court.The case is going on for nearly 1.5 years.I met her and decided to help to help her.After having a relationship with her for 2 years,we have decided to live together.But I am in big trouble now,as I have a carrier and her mother in law knows that she is living with me.She decided to call police to talk to her.We are living in a rent and her husband when drunk ,generally comes to us and use slang language.Whenever he comes ,the landlord ask us to leave his house.This is happening for 2 years. I want to know,whether there is anyway to live with her,so that when her mother in law comes I can handle her.The police is not cooperating with us.She has three children and their study also hampers.I also donot know when the case will be over.Please help,If possible please give phone number of advocate who can help us in this situation