Managing Committe Not Functioning

Ours is a Registered Coop Housing Society, in Nashik and the Chairman was the Promoter Builder/Developer. I've purchased this flat 3 years ago but cannot have the same transferred to my name since no Managing Committee exists. The Society was registered in 2006 and building completed in 2008 with CC. It appears there is no Managing Committee and the Chairman signs off all documents although he too has moved out of the Society premises since last 4 years. He has not handed over any documents with the excuse they have been misplaced. Sadly, majority of the members too, are not interested in taking up the matter but few like me, have realized that the Chairman is signing documents till date inspite of his 'should be disqualified' status and the Share Certificate endorsements may not be valid legally. There are no meetings, no minutes and no Accounts being prepared. Infact, most are not aware of the Bye-laws though they have signed their acceptance in the Agreements of Sale. Is there a way of dissolution of the Society and forming a Apartments Owners Association which would be much easier to operate given that the members are simply not intersted. This is a nightmare, as going to the Dy Registrar would mean complaining about 'ourselves' and the majority are not interested in complying with the Act. I, myself use this flat as a weekend away from Mumbai but it appears that very few Coop Hsg Societies in Nasik follow the Act so trying to motivate the members is a non-starter. Any suggestions please?