My wife create problem at my home - with my ill and old parents.

hello Sir, I got married last year May 2013, I got information from her uncle's daughter, she had Boyfriends before marriage, I asked her on phone she was at her home - she accepted she had boyfriends before 6 years but her uncle's sister told me about 1 year before. i got recorded this phone call in which she accepted she had boyfriend. from after 4-5 months of marriage she started creating problems at my home - my parents are in old age 68-75 years old.they mostly in ill conditions - as suffering from (mother) diatribes, Bloodpresure, and weakness, (father) austhma and BP. she usually create problems at homes and make new ideas to go back to her parents home and she stay there for 1-3-8months. She stayed at my home as under mention - May 13 to Oct 13 - my home - 6 Months Nov 13 to Feb 14 - at Her home 5 Months. March 13 to April 14 - At my home- 3 Months May 13 to till date she is at her home. (She create problems - she don't want to work at home - she don't care my parents. She shouts on my parents and fight with my younger sister who is a pasent of asthma and spinal problem (Back pain) . Wife wants to my younger sister to work at home ans wife will take rest whole the day.) Otherwise she threaten us for file a case against me about dowry and criminal case. Her mother father don't send her with me. Her parents wants to me to live with her on rent. and they want me to i leave my ill n hospitalized parents. Her father want my full monthly salary in his hand every month- wife sometimes lock my parent in house and go away in street and create drama. After 7 Months now she want to take her in my house again - But i don't want to take her in my home again bcos of her,it can be very risky for my parent health condition. Before 7 month ago started fighting with my family and again planed to go at her home back. at that time my mother was hospitalized. that day was of Navratri Puja - she didn't respect my any word. she went at her home with her father. Her father and mother want to me to hire a servant. they demand unusual things otherwise they threaten me for false dowry case. Now i don't want to take her in my house - she will create same problems in my home -