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Hello boyfriend seeking divorce from his wife on the basis of mental cruelty.She used to send false statement to his managers that she mentally tortured by him & not receiving any amount to survive which resulted him to leave the job from two companies. She disrespect his parents. This couple married in 2010 after 8 months of marriage the wife left home & living separably with her parents & filed complain in women cell. My bf filled a divorce application in 2011 but judge forced him to bring her back in 2013 & the girl signed some papers in judge presence that the she will not repeated this again but unfortunately she did not changed her nature.Her father & brother came home & severely beaten my BF's father & mother.They filled a complaint against it. Now in Jan 2014 she again left his home.This time my BF filled a divorce petition in session court, in revert she filled a Domestic violence case against him & getting 30,000 maintenance. & told that she again want to come back & don't want to give divorce. What can we do?. Can this marriage will dissolve by judge? Can a judge force a person if he never wants his wife to get back her? will he ever get divorce?