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Hello, i want to complaint against my husband, he works as a clerk in ubi, its been more than 5 months of our marriage, there was no understanding between us before marriage also but due to family pressure i had to do this marriage.
At the time of marriage they demanded for dowry, since i was againt dowry that i tried talking to my husband (before marriage) several times not to take the same but he us used to denied talking to me on that topic.
After marriage, now he tells each n every single details to his family and my family, he lies to them about me and try to gain their sympathy .
Now both the family do not listen to me.....nd last month my jeth complained directly to my mother about me...as usual i tried explaining my self to my family..but no use, instead of listening and knowing the truth, they start blaming me
From the marriage and till now....he does the same thing...he calls everyone in my family and his family and tell everything what am doing..what not.
And then everyone calls me to scold, every 10th day..i hav to go through this...m so much dispressed mentally.
Now i dont feel like to talk to anyone..i feel so isolated..nobody trust me, he always lies about everything to me n to others, everybody is trusting him.
I was so dipressed that last month i escaped from my house to commit suicide.but later my husband given me the assurance that he will stop all his 'mantharagiri' to the families.
Now he started the same thing again...pls help me..m so dipressed.
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If your husband is repeatatively harassing you I suppose your marriage has broken down irretrievalably. You may lodge a complaint in the local PS or at PS of your parents.Also file for divorce in ground of cruelty in the family court and ask for maintenance .
2. You may also file a case under different sections for domestic violence. Please consult a family / criminal lawyer of the area for this purpose. 
Sushil Jha
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1)you should consult a psychiatrist and take medicine for your depression 

2) if you cannot stay with your husband you should leave your matrimonial home and stay with your parents 

3) visit a family counsellor and try to save your marriage 

4) take a job so that you are not financially dependent on your husband or parents
Ajay Sethi
Advocate, Mumbai
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Now you are a married woman and can take decisions on your own.

Hence you revolt against the illegal demands of dowry against your husband or his parents. 

Try to record their abuses harsh behavior in your phone and tell them that if they dont stop their atrocities against you, a complaint against them for cruelties and dowry harassment shall be lodged with the local police, let them go tell to your parents or anyone, you will go against them as decided without fail.

This behavior or change in your attitude will certainly make them to think about acts and they, particularly yor husband will think about the safety of  his employment and will behave properly with you.

Gradually you can bring everyone under your control and start dictating terms in your own language.

If this step fails to fetch any favorable decision then you should daringly lodge a complaint with the local police about their arrogant behavior and cruelties meted out to you and make them to face the music of law. 

Dont worry they cannot throw you from the house, you have every right to live in  your matrimonial house  because you are his legally wedded wife and he is bound to maintain you.

The law of land is in favor women and protect their rights. 
T Kalaiselvan
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You have to decide what you want. You are free to file for divorce on the ground of cruelty and also file a criminal  complaint for dowry harassment, whereas if you want to remain in your matrimonial home then you may seek protection order by filing  a DV case.
Ashish Davessar
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1. It seems there is serious misunderstanding between you and your husband,

2. You two shall have to understand that everything of both of you can not be bad and both of you should accept each other as normal human being with their both good and bad things,

3. You mentioned 'everybody is trusting him'. You shall have to find out your own defect to understand why your own people are not trusting you but trusting him. Please note that people can not become trustworthy by doing 'Manthragiri',

4. However, it is your life and you shall have to decide as to what do you want to do with this matrimonial relationship of yours and act accordingly,

5. If you feel that you can not stay with him as his wife and also is financially capable of living an independent life then wait for completion of one year of your marriage after which file a divorce petition against your husband on the ground of cruelty. If he agrees, you can also jointly file a mutual consent divorce petition which will be disposed of within 6 & 1/2 months of the date of its filing,

6. Before taking the above extreme step you should keep in mind that divorce is the 2nd most stressful event in one's life. 
Krishna Kishore Ganguly
Advocate, Kolkata
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